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MacPaint X

MacPaint XBeta 0.3

MS Paint style app for Macs based on MacPaint

MacPaint was Apple's original paint program for Macs and MacPaint X is a modification of it.MacPaint X therefore contains many of the elements that made MacPaint popular i.e. ease of use and a simple palette based interface. Note that...
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  • by Nick Mead

    @crashed repeatedly. Note that unfortunately, development of MacPaint X has discontinued and it will never come out of Beta. It also does not work on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher. Pros: - Cons: -

  • by Anonymous

    Crashed repeatedly. I downloaded this onto a MacBook Pro running 10.6. It crashed when I tried to use the tools. no Good. Pros: If it worked it would be a nice simple program for students. Cons: Crash Crash Crash.